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 LA by-way-of New Zealand artist Kelsy Karter releases the official video for her single “Goodness Gracious,” out everywhere today. Known for being vocal about what she believes in, the music video opens with Kelsy and her real-life boyfriend, walking the streets of Los Angeles wearing masks, where it’s currently mandated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

At the 1:47 mark, Kelsy is seen spray painting two messages onto a concrete wall – the self explanatory “K.K. loves A.S.” – and “Fuck Trump.” “Think about it. You’re a 10 year old impressionable kid sitting at home watching the news with your parents, dreaming of being president someday,” Kelsy explains. “He is being taught the wrong values by having a man like Donald Trump as president. Sexism, racism, homophobic, nasty and inappropriate behavior is not acceptable and it’s not right, yet we have a man in power who represents all of these things. I may not have much influence but if I can help promote love and kindness to one kid through speaking up for what I believe in, which is condemning that man and his behavior, then I believe it’s worth it.

“Goodness Gracious” is featured on Kelsy Karter’s debut album Missing Person, which came out earlier this month. 

The album as a whole is a fun ride that explores both the struggle and joy of being a woman in what’s long been viewed as a man’s world,” stated Samantha Hissong from Rolling Stone. “It also touches on the heartbreak-induced degeneracy that can precede finding new love and self-acceptance.
Kelsy Karter is not just solidifying herself as one of the greats in rock-n-roll, she’s ruthlessly carving out her own space in a genre that’s very much a boy’s club,” Shirley Ju, Flaunt Magazine

While the fantastically warped wonderland of Missing Person offers a much-needed escape from the everyday, Karter’s world-building serves an even greater purpose, providing a safe space for listeners to discover their own self-acceptance. “Making this album helped me to find comfort and freedom in who I am, and I want everyone who hears it to come away with that same feeling,” Karter says. “I want them to feel strong in their individuality, and to stop caring about what other people think. I hope it helps them to feel both totally vulnerable and completely invincible at the very same time.” 

Stream/Download Missing Person HERE.

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