Hoodboi ’s new video for his Fool’s Gold single ‘Closer feat. NYC group ASTR  was released a few days ago and it is incredible. It features animation from CGI artist & music video director SHINOSM (collaborated with Jay-Z, Coachella, HARD, FYF) based off of  Anny Wang ‘s single artwork for the song. The video includes neo new age panache, complete with underwater lightshows and cloud-bursting beat drops.

Hoodboi & SHINOSM explained that the original concept for the ‘Closer’ artwork was two bodies reaching out towards each other, yet never truly touching and creating a sense of tension. In the video, they wanted to bring that to life.

“The video has a visual narrative that reads almost like Greek mythology – It starts off in old ruins, submerged in water, and then re-lives the myth building up to the event where the hands finally touch, and then ends up back at the ruins submerged under water.”


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