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Haunt the Woods – ‘Supernova’ (Official Video)

I feel like I just watched an Oscar-winning film. The cinematography, the story being told, the song itself. What an experience!! Haunt the Woods have delivered a masterpiece here.

Speaking about ‘Supernova’, the band said it is, “about a moment of true realisation in your life. Something powerful and overwhelming that changes all that has come before, and colours the lenses you see life through afterwards. The video aims to represent some of the bittersweet notions of this realisation, and the grandiose nature of the production and storytelling is a way of communicating that a bit.”

‘Supernova’ is the latest single to be taken from their upcoming debut album, Opaque, following ‘Elephant’, ‘Amethyst’, and the beautifully cathartic acoustic video for ‘Fly’, released last month. Throughout the record, Haunt The Woods push the boundaries of musicality, expression and emotional sentiment with an eclectic collection of euphoria, melancholia and reflection interwoven across thirteen tracks of absorbing sonic landscapes.


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