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Golden Vessel – ‘Less~More’ (ft. Okbadlands)

Australian producer Golden Vessel (real name Max Byrne) is gearing up to release his ‘Right/Side’ EP at the end of September.

Last week, he revealed the final single before the EP release, ‘Less~More’ with fellow Australian artists OKBADLANDS. The single complete with gripping vocals, distorted synths and a twinkling piano rift prove once again Golden Vessel’s prowess, as he maneuvers between space and time, juxtaposing elements, sounds and melodies effortlessly.

“I wanted to create a music video for this song that was fast moving and felt like OKBADLANDS and I were just dancing in front of our bedroom mirrors. I met Harry Deadman and his small team who are into filming multi-format and old-film medium videos and thought the switching between Digital, 16mm, VHS, photos + more formats would create the movement and textures that were within the song musically,” says Golden Vessel.

The video was shot on a wide range of film and digital formats creating a truly unique production. Everything from a Black Magic Ursa Mini, super 8mm film, 16mm film, mini DV, 35mm stills, a polaroid and a funky little 35mm nimlso for wiggle effects, were used.


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