I’ve been following Frenship’s music ever since they dropped ‘Carpet‘ back in March last year and since then they have released more amazing music, gaining more fans along the way and I’m very happy for them.

The duo recently shared the video for their track ‘1000 nights’ and the visuals have left me in awe.

Check it out below

Commenting on the video, Frenship says, “We originally had the idea for the video out on a camping trip in Stanley, Idaho. We had just received the song back from mastering and took the first listen on the shore of Lake Stanley at the base of McGown Peak. This place inspired the idea, look and feel for the 1000 Nights video. With the idea in place we sought out a director that could fully capture beautiful shots outdoors and filmmaker Matt Kleiner perfectly fit the bill for this.  The video was shot at Diablo Lake in Washington State.”


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Written by Darcel

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