Atlanta native Nadia Vaeh took a leap of faith to pursue her career and now leaps back to Atlanta to continue the dream.

A messy and distressed apartment in Los Angeles provides the unique setting for the latest music video for the song “Leap of Faith” by conscious pop singer and Atlanta native Nadia Vaeh releasing this Friday, September 24th, 2021. Filming for the music video took place in her actual apartment as she prepared to move back to her hometown of Atlanta. The video captures the story of her leap into the music industry while dropping everything she had to jump in her Toyota Corolla and move to Los Angeles.

Filmed entirely with a cell phone the music video also tells the story of her leap back to Atlanta. Images of Nadia packing, and labeling boxes surrounded by piles of clothing reveals a real story unfolding in real-time. “There is no better setting for this story in the real place where I lived, with the real mess I had when moving out”, states Nadia. “I was stressed, homeless and forced to move. There is no better imagery to depict the uprooting of my life than reality. The apartment was a mess because I was a mess.”

The uplifting and inspirational song for the video tells the story of Nadia’s journey from Atlanta to Los Angeles and back to Atlanta; a journey that started with quitting everything, living out of her car, and taking the chance in pursuit of a career in music. After working many odd jobs, including a stint in a local Atlanta circus, Nadia Vaeh’s frustration with her career boiled over to the point where she knew she needed to take her songwriting and melodic talents to a different level and go all-in with her career. “I knew I had songs in my head and stories to share that could help others. I was at a place in my life where I knew that I needed to take a chance on myself and pursue my dream even more so than I ever had.”, says Nadia Vaeh. “It was scary to leave all that I knew and move to a different city once, let alone twice.” 

Co-starring in the video is Nadia’s Toyota Corolla “Pearl”. “My car Pearl took me from Atlanta to LA and back to Atlanta. This car has helped me achieve my dreams and without my trusty Corolla I would not be where I am today”, states Nadia Vaeh.

The song was co-written with Dion Shaw, a frequent collaborator with Nadia Vaeh.