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Cassidy King – ‘Professional Smiler’ (Official Video)

Cassidy King is sharing an important message in her track ‘Professional Smiler’.

Speaking about the track, Cassidy says:

“I made this song for anyone who needs to know that they’re not alone in anything they’re feeling. I made this for the person I needed but never had when I was going through it. Sexuality is one hell of a battle and it only gets better with time. Your own time. It doesn’t just switch on like a light one day and you’re automatically comfortable with yourself. Just know it gets better and that at the end of the day, people are going to love you so much more when you discover your actual self. Don’t run away from you.”

I love that. She created a song and video that many people can relate and they can know that they are not alone and that I believe is very essential in today’s world.

Check out the video below


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