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Brooklyn duo Overcoats share ‘The Fight (Reprise)’ + fan-created, crowd-sourced music video

Critically acclaimed Brooklyn duo Overcoats released their new album The Fight (Loma Vista Recordings) on March 6. The 10-track album speaks to the ubiquitous feeling of anxiety when looking at the current chaos around us, and has become an almost prescient document for getting through the times we have found ourselves in. The Fight’s linked themes of overcoming adversity, avowing friendship, striving for loyalty, and seeking hope are needed more than ever.

As people are currently starved for a light at the end of a tunnel and meaningful interaction, Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell of Overcoats offer a rallying cry and an antidote to these trying times. 

The album’s title track, “The Fight,” is the call to arms. Alt-rock meets pristine pop over layered harmonies and a chugging beat as Hana and JJ proclaim, “just remember that you are not alone, we’re all just trying stay afloat…this is the fight, the only time to start is now!” 

Today Overcoats share “The Fight (Reprise),” a rendition of the song that highlights the song’s sincere lyricism when paired with an austere arrangement of an acoustic guitar and piano. The accompanying video stitches together videos submitted by Overcoats fans, each answering the question, “What are you fighting for?” The answers are broad – fighting for climate justice, health care, LGBTQ rights, love, happiness, inclusion, and more.

As part of the song’s release, Overcoats have launched their #JoinTheFight campaign, creating video messages for radio stations and listeners that stress the importance of social distancing; curating a weekly virtual variety show called Friday Night Fights, which provides a home for their fans, exemplifying the importance of engagement and togetherness; and taking to social media to recommend supporting their favorite artists and friends as they struggle financially due to the disruption of touring income.

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