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Blackout Problems release powerful video for ‘Lady Earth’

Blackout Problems have released a powerful video addressing the climate emergency for their new single ‘LADY EARTH’.

‘LADY EARTH’ is an energetic and raw cut, which flows delicate synth-led calm into intense guitar-driven power. Serene and prayerful moments swell into fervent distorted soundscapes as the band deliver a hard-hitting message on the need for change, no matter of age or background. The video depicts the fragility and hostility both humankind and nature are capable of, playing as a formidable reminder that both the world and our fellow man should be treated with care and respect.
“Seeing Greta Thunberg on the news gave me a strange feeling,” frontman and guitarist Mario Radetzky begins about the inspiration for the song, “I was reminded of how I was when I was sixteen and I felt like I was light-years away from what teens are capable of doing these days.
“It wasn’t like I wasn’t interested in what was going on back then, it was more like I wouldn’t have thought we could be the kids who make a difference and open some eyes. Sitting in school being taught by the books that made and changed history, you sometimes tend to forget the here and now. History is made all around us, right now, and we shouldn’t wait to participate. No one is too small to make a difference.”

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