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BATTS – ‘Shame’ (Official Music Video)

It was almost a month ago I shared BATTS’ ‘Shame’ and now I have the official video for you enjoy.

Creating the visual for ‘Shame’ with director Dyllan Corbett (Saatsuma, Rat & Co, Habits) BATTS commented on the video: “Thematically we were after a sliding door effect of having two separate outlooks/moods and the outcome that each one has on your happiness.”

The clip further mines BATTS’ deep interest in all things related to space. Her previous EP ’62 Moons’ featured samples from NASA’s release of previously unheard sounds recorded in outer space, whilst ‘Shame’ now tackles the need to help change/improve our own planet, but covers the want for humans to find and colonise another. “Maybe Saturn, Jupiter or Mars, where Bowie watches us through the stars”.

Check it out


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