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Bahari – ‘Fucked Up’ (Official Music Video)

Independent alternative electronic trio Bahari have shared the video for one of their recent singles ‘Fucked Up’, which has accumulated over 300K audio streams since it’s release. The music video, directed by Zac Wolf, captures the girls in an intimate performance that offers a mesmerizing, stylistic visual to the emotionally heavy-hitting track.
When crafting “Fucked Up”, the band approached the song with a visual aesthetic in mind. “We used a lot of blues and purple in this one. For us, we see writing music like painting or drawing a picture. When we wrote this song, we were trying to capture that exact moment when you realize you are falling in love. Even if you’re afraid. Even if you don’t want to, you are falling for them and you can’t control your heart. ‘You thought you were immune to it, but now I’ve got you all fucked up.”
Check out the video below

Bahari is comprised of vocalist/bassist Natalia, vocalist/keyboardist Ruby, and vocalist/guitarist Sidney.
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