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Aerialists feat. Emily Millard – ‘Group Manoeuvre II’

The beauty that Aerialists and Emily Millard have created on ‘Group Manoeuvre II’ will definitely put a smile on your face.

Aerialists meld their ferociously creative harmonic sensibilities and deep love for folk traditions into a post-rock coloured sound called prog-trad. Featuring Scottish harpist Màiri Chaimbeul (Darol Anger), and Canadian neo-folk innovators Adam Iredale-Gray (Fish & Bird) on guitar and Elise Boeur (Jenny Ritter) on fiddle with a stellar rhythm section, the group draws from the wells of Nordic and Gaelic music, adding expansive textures and meticulously sculpted arrangements to create captivating, genre-defying new music.

Speaking about the video, in an interview with Aesthetic Magazine, the group said, “The news cycle right now is consistently intense, and we consume a huge abundance of content, news, and information through social media, the internet. All of this is bound up with advertising in ways that can feel inescapable. The world is changing so quickly, in ways that are positive, and in ways that are enormously alarming, and the sheer deluge of information can create this feeling of disconnect. Returning to the ocean connects us to something bigger.

In our lives, there’s a constant interplay in moving between rural / urban spaces, and traditional / contemporary music. When music is deeply rooted in places that we don’t inhabit all of the time, we need to carve out new spaces for it to exist. That’s one way that we find connection to each other, and to something that outlasts us.

The video was created by Victoria director Ali Calladine, and observes two characters embodying that duality. Shot between Vancouver and Victoria, much of it at dawn, the film follows people navigating urban and wilder spaces without judging one path over another.”

Check it out below


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