Yelawolf, hailed as “one of hip-hop’s most vital voices” by The Guardian, and Shooter Jennings, one of the Americana world’s most sought-after producers and songwriters, have officially launched their extraordinary new rock project, Sometimes Y, with the release of their infectious debut single ‘Make Me A Believer’.

It’s the lead track off the duo’s self-titled debut studio album, due out Friday, March 11 via Slumerican.

On paper, the two stars might not seem like the most obvious combination. But after listening to their collaboration as Sometimes Y, you’ll quickly come to understand that their chemistry, built from a decades-long plus friendship, is in fact as intoxicating as it is unexpected. “Make Me A Believer” channels the nervy charm of Ric Ocasek and the indelible hooks of Rick Nielsen as it reckons with self-worth and the need for external validation

Sometimes Y is available to pre-order now at all DSPs; each digital pre-save will include an instant download of “Make Me A Believer”– PRESS HERE. The album will also be available physically on CD and vinyl; pre-order coming soon.

“When you’re a kid in school, they teach you all these rules about spelling but then they tell you about ‘sometimes y,’ which calls the entire system into question. Suddenly everything’s out the window and you can do whatever you want. That’s what it felt like making this record.” – Jennings

“Shooter and I have been planning on working together for years and when we finally buckled down and made the album, I was like, ‘What the fuck were we waiting on?! Sometimes Y is the name of the group because of the question we bring to music and the listener. It also gives us the freedom to do anything and make any style we choose.” – Yelawolf

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