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Winnie Raeder – ‘Don’t You Dare’

Guys, I’m so excited to share Winnie Raeder’s debut single with you. I want to drop the link and write LISTEN TO THIS!! But I HAVE to share more.

I have to thank whoever it was that discovered Winnie in that small cafe in Putney last year because this is a voice everyone needs in their lives. A voice that gives you the right kind of goosebumps. A voice that excites you and now all you want to do is listen to her sing.

‘Don’t You Dare’ is a piano-based song with Winnie infusing sweeping beds of harmonies and backing vocals with organic instrumentation.

On the track, Winnie states: “It’s about someone leaving you and the denial you feel when it happens – the utter desperation you feel at not wanting to accept that person is leaving or has gone forever. For the production, it was a very conscious choice to make it as simple as possible. Thinking of the story and what’s being said, the overall sense is one of numbing. When you feel numbed, it feels like everything stops. Silence. Space. I wanted to create that feeling sonically”.


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