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Vian Izak – ‘Marble Floors’

Indie Pop Artist Vian Izak has released his latest track, ‘Marble Floors’ and it features Sarah Jane from Through Juniper Vale. The track is nothing less than a masterpiece with their stunning vocals and the full orchestral production.

An interesting tidbit, this track was recorded on Elvis Presley’s Steinway Piano in RCA Studio B Nashville.

‘Marble Floors’ is the fourth release of six in where Izak is releasing music and comic book installments. The project has gained thousands of streams and views from avid comic book and indie pop fans.

Vian Izak’s Adventures follows characters Vian and Hein as they travel through the Arctic on a journey of strange and mysterious phenomenons where they encounter African animals roaming the wastes, massive ancient sculptures, solid ground beneath ice and more. The highly intellectual and philosophical story winds through bizarre and complex turns in the vein of a 1940s radio drama throughout its 32 pages. This month’s installment unveils the adventurers first bizarre encounter:


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