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Valeree – ‘Better Off’

I am LOVING Valeree’s energy on her new track, ‘Better Off’. The upbeat, funk-infused pop tune shines as a proverbial middle finger deadbeat exes everywhere and a “hot girl summer” anthem.

Hear it below.

“‘Better Off’ is definitely the most fun song I’ve released so far and I know exactly why”, Valeree says of her upcoming single, “it started as a joke. I saw that my ex, who was truly the worst, was watching my Instagram stories recently. We broke up over 4 years ago, so it was odd enough for me to take note. I just blurted out the first verse alone in my room, laughing. The whole thing really was a joke, but I posted a clip on my Instagram stories and got absolutely flooded with positive responses, so I was like ‘well ok, I guess I have to finish this song’, so I just kept writing it with the same ridiculous energy and this is what came out. And I love it. I say ‘fuck’ 13 times, I counted.” – Valeree

My favorite line?

It’s like I spent three years drunk, but now I’m finally sober

I’m sure many of us can relate.

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