Today (May 27th), Toronto singer/songwriter Alex Porat shares her new single ‘Sensitive’ an iridescently heartfelt effort that sees her confronting her insecurities. 

Opening with a ’90s inflected punchy kick drum, Alex reveals the most vulnerable parts of herself and her tendency to overthink any and every situation.

“I’m thinking maybe I’m emotionally cursed /And I’m leaving parties before I get my feelings hurt,” Alex solemnly sings. The track’s earworm synths and buoyant acoustic guitar belie the reflective nature of the lyrics yet nevertheless serves to heighten the intimacy of the chorus when they drop away, and only Alex’s layered vocals remain present.

It then feels like a secret shared between two friends when she sings, “I hate that I’m so sensitive / All the time / I can’t say what’s on my mind.” It brings immediacy to Alex’s introspection and emotional turmoil, which all at once feel deeply relatable.

“I’ve always known that I’m an overly sensitive person,” Alex shares about the track. “I definitely cry a lot and I let my emotions take control of me. My default is reading into situations, taking a lot of things personally, and constantly overthinking. I make my own life harder than it needs to be and that’s the whole concept behind Sensitive. Sometimes I’m convinced it’s a secret super power being able to pick up on all the little things but sometimes those little things are all it takes to bring me down.”