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TIMOLEON – ‘Hideaway’

This is the voice of 15-year-old Timoleon. I am stunned! To be able to deliver this kind of emotion so flawlessly at such a young age, is amazing. He has been added to my Ones to Watch playlist because this is a voice I know we will be hearing more of in the future.

This track, ‘Hideaway’ is about feeling belonging, “eyes are closed my heart is yours”, and the longing to feel a connection to something or someone.

The track was written by Timoleon and Tom King, who met at school.

“We recorded the demo at the end of an hour session together, and finished the final recordings during the coronavirus lockdown, I finished all the production and mixing in my bedroom, and the track was mastered by the amazing engineer Tim Biesta (ILIVEHERE, Bitbird).”

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