Just in time for summer, pop duo the Lockyer Boys are back with a brand new single and video ‘LATKD’.

Written virtually during the COVID pandemic with Grammy-nominated producer Jeff Dawson and Alan Poettcker from These Kids Wear Crowns, ‘LATKD’ is a catchy and uplifting pop gem about being present and living in the moment and trying to experience genuine happiness.

“Will and I try to make people happy with our music,” says Charlie Lockyer. “Teenagers and maybe even young adults are often ‘happy being sad’. Why can’t we be happy being happy? That’s the message of ‘LATKD.’”

Lockyer Boys are currently completing their debut album, which features their poignant songwriting and songs co-written with Jeff Dawson, Shawn Hook, Scott Helman, Daniel Powter, Brian Howes, Alan Poettcker, and Akylla.