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The Sea The Sea – ‘Parachute’

Be prepared to be hypnotized by The Sea The Sea. Their vocals, perfect harmonies, and the strum of the guitar may put you in a trance. I’m certainly mesmerized by it all. It’s also very soothing and by the time the song ends, a sense of calm takes over.

Here’s what Mira had to say about the track:

“The song grew out of a sort of meditation on stillness within chaos, which feels appropriate for the pandemic conditions we all find ourselves in now,” shares Mira. “There was an article I read that connected me with the image of being under one of those parachutes that you play with when you’re a kid, and what it feels like to be in that moment when you’re underneath, everyone is running around, you’re trying to figure out where to go, and then suddenly there can be this moment that almost feels like its happening in slow motion where all else is suspended, and there’s calm and maybe even something really beautiful about the colors, the light.”

Stream it below

Their name, The Sea The Sea, is borrowed from the ancient Greek soldiers’ cry of joy when returning home from battle.


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