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The MOTTO – ‘Woodstockinthisshit’

You don’t need money to have a good time with friends.

That’s the theme of The MOTTO’s latest tune, ‘Woodstockinthisshit’. Don’t you just love the name?

The Dutch duo explain, “”‘Woodstockinthisshit’ is about setting up a house party together with a bunch of cool and free minded people, without the need of money. Even though you’re broke you can still make parties and celebrate! There can be enough supplies if everybody brings something with ‘em. Bottles, food, music and good vibes. ‘Woodstockinthisshit’ (Woodstock in this shit) stands for bringing alive the same vibe that the festival ‘Woodstock’ (1969) had and pouring that energy into the houseparty mentioned in the song. Peace, love, happiness, music and art!”

I can definitely get behind this. If you can too, support the duo and purchase the song over on iTunes


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