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Stereo Jane Addresses Inner Unrest With New Soulful Single & Video, ‘Amen’

Multi-talented, indie rock band and activists, Stereo Jane today released their soulful new single titled “Amen” across all streaming platforms, including an emotionally evoking video.

Directed by Brad Wong, the video was conceptualized with its contrasting dark to light imagery and color palettes, bringing to life the song’s empowering message and spiritual call to action for self-reflection backed by Stereo Jane’s passionate vocals. Of the video, Stereo Jane explains:

“We as artists have the power to use our art to inspire and empower people around the world. ‘Amen’ is a song about searching within yourself to find your own strength and hope during the darkest of moments. With the social justice movements and chaos happening in our country, it’s important to look within to get through these trying times. We hope this music video evokes each of us to examine ourselves and hopefully remind everyone that we are going to make it through this together. We all have our bad days. There’s no shame in having each other to get through it.”

Born in Detroit and based in Los Angeles, Stereo Jane features fraternal twin sisters Sydney (lead vocals/guitar) and Mia (drums) Schmier. Each one brings together their different tastes to create a modern, multi-genre sound with influences from classic rock, punk, indie, pop and soul. Best witnessed during their memorable live shows, Stereo Jane’s dynamic sound is brutally honest and commanding, as they continue to share their personal journey to self-discovery through music.

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