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Sean Turk – ‘No Drama’

“My pops was a musician and introduced me to a lot of music he listened to early on in my life. He used to play me Steely Dan, Tower of Power, Boston, and all these old-school groups that definitely influenced me to pick up playing instruments. I started playing string instruments like the violin but gave that up for piano and then ultimately the drums which I played throughout middle school into high school. Around 7th-8th grade, I started getting into engineering and beat making via my homie Anthony (shout out Anthony lol) who put me on to Reason and Dr.Rex sampling. I was heavy into Dilla, Pete Rock, Nujabes, and cats like Ryan Leslie. I wanted to be the guy that was creating the shit artists were laying their songs on. I thought that shit was so dope so I decided to go full force and learn how to produce and write. The rest is history!”

Sean Turk’s ‘No Drama’ is a great record. Dynamic, warm and hard hitting the tune is definitely going to be seeing heavy rotation in my playlists.


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