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Sam Winston – ‘Damaged Goods’

I got a bit emotional listening to Sam Winston’s ‘Damaged Goods’. It’s a song about surrendering to vulnerability, acceptance and bringing about positive change. This year has not been easy for many of us, and Sam tells us all that he has gone through and I can relate to every single word.

“‘Damaged Goods’ is about losing what I believe was part of my core, and trying to rebuild it. It’s from a place of real vulnerability for me. It came from letting go and being ok with the possibility of being in a state of anxiety, recognising that I was to some degree suffering and that I wanted to make a change. It’s an honest commitment. Then when lockdown hit, the song took on a whole new meaning. It occurred to me that these themes of self sabotage and trying to break free are now going to resonate with so many different people, all going through similar things but different in their own way. I wasn’t even thinking about releasing this a month ago, it all came together so quickly. Last year the song was mostly about my own personal struggles and the pain I was in; where I felt like I was losing my voice, getting in my own way being my own producer, treading water. Then this year shone a whole new light on the song, and I could see how it could relate to other people’s pain, and there was my reason to get it out”

Hear it below.

‘Damaged Goods’ is Sam’s first release in four years.


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