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Sam Johnson – ‘Changes’

I don’t really leave my house much anymore, given the Armageddon that’s outside but I know if life was normal, I would be out and about with Sam Johnson’s ‘Changes’ in my ear and I would be finding it hard not to sing out loud.

So given life now, my neighbors would just have to listen to me shout these lyrics at the top of my lungs along with Sam. His soaring vocals can really make you do anything.

Take it in below

Speaking about the track, Sam said:

“This song was almost inevitable and a needed bit of closure to the ‘coming of age’ sentiment running throughout the EP. It starts with the realisation that a long-distance relationship I’d had for 6 years wasn’t going to work out, but then beckons in the change that comes with that decision and the ramifications it will have on my life. Both exciting and daunting, this song really is, at its heart, an optimistic look to the future and all it might bring. Moving to London, falling in love again, and following my dreams in music are the real touchstones of this song rather than a mournful look back on what could have been. It can be summed up by a little clip of audio that I’d ripped from a video on my phone and placed deep within the song’s emotive middle 8, where my girlfriend says “You’ll be fine Sammy, you’re in safe hands”. 


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