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SACHI – ‘Enchanté’ ft. Naïka (Lyric Video)

Here at MIML, we’re going to make sure to spread the good vibes to keep your spirits up.

Today, we have SACHI’s ‘Enchanté’. The New Zealand electronic duo collaborated with Naïka, an extravagant pop singer who grew up between Guadeloupe, Vanuatu, Kenya and Paris.

Let me tell you, this combination is…

“When we were writing the song it came out super fun and sassy, like going out to the club and not taking shit from anyone. We spent time in Paris a few years back and that’s just totally the experience we had of Parisian nightlife,” Will says.

Nick adds, “We had been wanting to write a song with a bilingual chorus for a while, and the song came out super naturally when we wrote it with Naika, who’s first language is French. We always try to make songs that make you dance, especially in a live setting with friends.

Check it out!


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