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Royal East – ‘Get With Me’

I have been down with the Monday blues since I woke up but Royal East has changed my mood for the better with their new track, ‘Get With Me’.

I’ve been listening to this indie-pop gem for the last 20 minutes and I’m already singing along with them and humming the melody. When a song can get me to do that, it becomes an immediate fave.

Hear it below:

Royal East is a Melbourne-based indie-pop four-piece. Speaking about the song, Pat says:

“’Get With Me’ is a summer romance introspective. The song begins as a sentimental morning serenade: ‘watch us rise, our hungry lungs take in the breath’. The verses are dream-like and bashful, revealing affection and nostalgia: ‘what a time we had, you took me on and swept me off my feet’. That romance, however, is in constant tension with the chorus, which reveals that this song is actually an unrequited love-song. On the one hand, ‘Get With Me’ is all about falling head over heels and getting carried away, but on the other, it’s a cautionary tale about getting burned. Hard.”


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