This track by prstn. is a whole vibe and I’ve found my track of the week with this one.

‘Homesick’ tells a sad yet relatable story of a relationship that
was always destined for doom and gloom. A relationship where both involved could not be with each other in peace but also live without each other full stop.

I love the lyric video too, prstn. said he downloaded the film and edited it to work with the track and he did a fantastic job with it.

Speaking of the track prstn. says; “Most of us have found ourselves in a complicated relationship, right? With this one I fell into a trap where the complications and toxic encounters we faced created lows so low, that normality and the highlights we shared felt like of some sort rush. It’s hard to get out of that cycle. I don’t know why it just is. When we called it a day I think both us struggled with a sense of feeling homesick. That’s how Homesick came about.”


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