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PREMIERE: Jasmine Thompson – ‘Adore’ (Savrsi Remix)

What a great way to start the week.

It won’t matter that you’re at work or school listening to this, close your eyes and let Savrsi’s remix of Jasmine Thompson’s ‘Adore’ take you anywhere you want to go.

Speaking to MIML, Savrsi ( pronounced sav-er-see), said when he first heard Jasmine’s voice on ‘Adore’ he immediately knew, he wanted to work with her vocals.

“I have been loving guitars in dance tracks recently, especially ones evocative of classic rock, and am incorporating them more and more in my music,” he said.

Savrsi added four to five different guitar parts in the remix along with a low end inspired by deep house and a heavily layered lead sound.

“I wanted to combine the edginess and sophistication of deep house and techno with the energy and melodic intrigue of progressive/tropical/pop. I like to think of it as a thick sauce of moody that you can’t help but dance to,” Savrsi says.

We can look forward to more from Savrsi as he intends on releasing a song every month.

About the artist: Savrsi, a pianist, former New Jersey All-State cellist, and Harvard College Economics graduate, is an up and coming electronic musician. The name Savrsi is a modification of “Savrsen,” the Croatian word for “perfect,” picked because he feels as if everything is perfect when listening to his favorite music. ​Influenced by a broad range of musicians who have pushed the boundaries of their art form, Savrsi seeks to write music the world hasn’t heard before and share the feelings of empowerment and profound happiness he experiences from his favorite music.


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