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Orla Gartland – ‘Heavy’

I’m clearly very late to this Orla Gartland party but I’m here and I’m not leaving. Orla has blown me away with her talent and her new track ‘Heavy’ is absolutely stunning even as she sings about the end of love.

“‘Heavy’ is a tribute to someone I desperately miss. Obviously break ups are shit but I didn’t properly grasp that until I was right in the thick of it, up late one night scanning over every tiny detail of the relationship – how I felt when we were together, what they wore, the shows we binge watched together. I finally realised that even if it’s the right thing to do, cutting ties with someone you love probably should feel this hard.

If you’ve gone through a break-up I’m sure you can relate to this, I know I can. It’s amazing that someone could sing about something so heartbreaking but deliver it so beautifully that the pain you may feel, never lasts long.

Hear it below


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