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ORIAN – ‘Jewellery Box’

ORIAN’s ‘Jewellery Box’ really touches the soul. With his tender vocals, the talented artist out of Ireland crafts an image of constancy and tackles a sense of self, a personal history spanning generations, and the significance of passing things down to the ones we love all centered around his mother’s jewellery box.

Through the object, he considers how people and love change, and how they stay the same. In the current climate, the song took on a special significance for the artist. 

With restrictions placed on travel, he hopes the importance of familial bond will ring out in the song, and that it will remind people of how the small gesture of picking up the phone can mean the world to those you love.

The idea for the song came about when I was in a bar one night with my girlfriend who asked me if I could place my heart physically anywhere, where would that be, and I immediately said ‘My mothers jewellery box’. Luckily, she remembered this the next day, and I thought it was a cool idea to form a song around. Erik and I met a few weeks later to do some writing, and I explained the idea and story behind it, and we ended up with Jewellery Box.”

Stream this beauty of a track below.


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