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NYC’s Genre Bender NTHNL Releases Debut LP ‘Cosmic Flute’

NTHNL is the moniker of Brooklyn-based composer and producer Jacob Rudin. He is a classically trained pianist and composer turned flute-player. He began releasing music in 2012 while studying at New England Conservatory in Boston as experimental electronic noise artist Lord Nathaniel.

During this period he was also in a satirical pop band Sausagemang Soup, who played extensively around Boston to the delight and horror of many unsuspecting people. It was in Sausagemang Soup that he first started performing on the flute publicly and where he began collaborating with long time musical partner Marios Nicolaides. In the spring of 2015 he began another project, Animal Party7.1, which used animal sounds in songs about the animals being sampled.

In 2015 after composing hours of avant-garde classical and noise music and establishing himself as a radical creative force in Boston, Jacob travelled around the country with a handheld recorder, collecting sounds in natural and urban spaces, playing drums and flutes to capture natural reverbs in these spaces, and making anything he could find into a percussion instrument. Many of these sounds you hear on Cosmic Flute today. He would spend the next year experimenting with these sounds, forming the basis of his production style.

“Cosmic Flute is a project I dreamed up years ago. After discovering the flute music of the Andes, I set out on a journey to learn as much as I could and to make my flute playing as full and inspiring as I can. This journey has brought me through classical music, jazz , Balkan music, David Sanborn, and perhaps most impactfully Andean music. I first came up with the title Cosmic Flute in 2015 when I had first started playing flute. Unfortunately, I was not a good enough player to make any kind of convincing album.

So I practiced for three years, absorbing as much information as I could while refining my production skills via projects such as Animal Party7, Primal Feelings, and through the various collaborations I did with Charmaine Lee, Lina Tullgren, John Cushing, and Caroline Kuhn. In the Winter of 2018 I decided to finally go for the album. The Crown of Rays had been in a half-produced state on one of my hard drives for about a year at this point. I had a few friends over in my Brooklyn apartment visiting from Boston and we decided to put together a “smooth jazz” track. This became Cosmic Flute, the title track off of the album. Listening to the rough recording days later, I decided I was onto something and I spent the next 6 months writing and recording this album

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