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Nissi – ‘Pay Attention’

This is Nissi’s debut song and it is outstanding.

It’s outstanding not only because of her vocal skills and the beautiful music, it’s also outstanding because of the song’s message.

With a sample from the opening monologue of the 1986 Fela Kuti classic ‘Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense’ as its powerful opening, ‘Pay Attention’ is a politically charged offering, with Nissi boldly speaking out against race, gender, religious and ethnic discrimination, instead calling for more solidarity among people in the world.

“We’re supposed to pay attention to each other. If more of us had the patience to get out of our own way to see where other people are coming from, then maybe just maybe, we’ll be able to understand and empathise with them”.

The way she delivers this message makes her someone we all have to pay attention to in 2016.


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