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Natalie McCool – ‘Heaven’

It feels good to have Natalie McCool back on the blog. Her new track ‘Heaven’ is simply out of this world. The track is giving me this cool 80s vibe and I am loving it.

Speaking about the track, Natalie said:

“When I go to heaven, will I remember how it feels?” Heaven is a state of never forgetting how good or right something was, even if you’re viewing it through rose tinted shades, or in hindsight; even if it’s so overpowering it drags you right back to square one – back to that time and place.

“Today I took a walk on the wild side, such brave talk – I thought of you and the tiger died”. Heaven is that safe place where you can envelop yourself with a memory – and although you might feel the ‘grown up’ thing to do is just move on – you’re spellbound by it.”

Stream it below


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