Soulful pop-duo and twin brothers Parker and Marshall Mulherin give us a sneak peek into their upcoming EP with the single, ‘Better For You’.

It is an impeccably written track that brings all the feels and has left me wanting more. The first time I listened to this track, I knew that this was a song I wanted to share with you because it deserves to be in everyone’s ear.

Listen to it below and let me know if you agree.

“I set out to address something that we rarely talk about in our music. These kinds of feelings can be hard to express at times, so it just felt right to write it as if it were a letter to my mom. A promise that I can be better and feel better – and so can you. We all can.” – PARKER MULHERIN

‘Better For You’ prepares us for their emotionally powerful EP ‘Paper and Plastic 01’ dropping on February 11.

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