Morgan St. Jean continues to impress me with her music. ‘Tell Me Not To Go’ is the second single off Morgan’s forthcoming EP. On the track, she tells the all-too-relatable tale of stripping back your pride and telling someone you need them.

“‘Tell Me Not To Go’ is about that make-or-break moment in a relationship when you finally let your walls down and ask your partner to fight for you,” Morgan said of the single. “I think so often we as humans let our pride get the best of us and we would rather act like we don’t care than risk being hurt by someone we love. I’ve done that so many times. I wrote this song during a time when I thought I was about to lose the person I loved because I didn’t want them to think that I cared more. I think it’s very vulnerable to stand in front of someone and ask them to care, but ‘Tell Me Not To Go’ is about finally just saying, ‘Fuck my pride, I need you to fight for me right now.”

Hear the song below


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