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MOLI reflects on the toxicity of social media with lush synth-pop ballad ‘So Jealous’

With her newest single ‘So Jealous’ singer-songwriter MOLI opens up about the effects of living in such a digitally consumed era. Her lush synth-pop ballad questions how easy it is to alter our online persona, whilst having to face her own deep-rooted anxieties. Becoming consumed by her own social media newsfeed, MOLI finds someone that causes her mind to run wild, singing, “Her face her lips her curves / She shows a lot a skin / She’s probably insecure / But hiding it within / She gets a lot of likes / most of them are guys / One of them is you / It’s much to my dislike”

In a generation where real-life, human interactions are reduced to filtered selfies and toxic memes, it’s only natural for our mental health to feel the effects over time. But when is it time to take a step back?

“’So Jealous’ is about jealousy, which is pretty obvious thanks to the title, but it focuses more on the toxic jealousy that is a result of social media,” explains MOLI on the single.

“I think people talk a lot about social media’s impact on mental health with f.o.m.o. for instance and the feeling that everyone seems to be leading a better life then you are yet I don’t think we’ve addressed enough how easy it is nowadays thanks to these platforms to find out who your ex-partner/lover is interested in and how you can fall down such a rabbit hole imagining all sorts of scenarios with the new people he/her follows or is engaging with. It’s a very addictive bad habit that I think people are ashamed to speak out about. Instagram stories and pictures can give you such a false illusion of what is actually happening. The worst in it all is that nothing good can result from finding these things out. You know that it’s bad for you to seek the answer yet you still do it. It’s self-destructive behaviour.”

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