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Medium Build – ‘Good At Being Lonely’

I must start this review by telling Medium Build, well done! ‘Good At Being Lonely’ is perfection. It’s a chill indie R&B vibe and Medium Build’s smooth vocals are impressive.

Speaking about the track, the Alaska-based artist said.

I was going through a pretty gnarly break up and had a few months of tour planned that I was counting on to clear my head. Just a full lap of the country playing solo shows starting in Alaska and ending on the east coast. Then COVID-19 happened and all my future distractions disappeared. I found myself stuck in a small town, in a small apartment, with my brother and (small) 5 year old nephew. With no work and a freshly broken heart, I leaned into routine to help me get back on my feet. I made oatmeal in the mornings before long runs. I did push ups and cut my own hair. I made huge bowls of ramen at night to eat while I binged anime. This song is literally the sounds of me getting healthy. Drinking less and stretching more. Getting good at being lonely.

Stream this gem below.


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