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Max Fry and Lhasa Petik juxtapose gentle ukulele and booming 808s in new collaborative single ‘Take It Slow’

US producer Max Fry follows up Majestic Casual released “Passage” with another poignant new offering in “Take It Slow”. 

A collaboration with Canadian artist Lhasa Petik, the new single boasts a catchy vocal melody which floats over ukulele chords, until heavy 808s make an entry which perfectly juxtaposes the delicate plucking of the intro.

“Take It Slow” may seem like a plea to a lover upon first listen. However, it is actually a dialogue between Lhasa’s current and former self, following a whirlwind year of loving and letting go. It describes her thought process while letting go of a relationship that she struggled to move on from; “you were looking for a way out, I made you take the long route.”

“Oh I hope that you take it slow, so that if you crash, you’ll still come back home to me” is a plea to herself to ensure that she won’t let herself get to that broken place again; so that she always has enough energy to get home.

Max elaborates on the creation process: After hearing Lhasa’s most recent project “Outside / Dreaming”, I knew I wanted to work with her. Lhasa sent over the original idea for the song – knew we had created something special after combining Lhasa’s vocals and ukulele riffs with my drums, backing vocals, and electric guitar.

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