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Marvin Inu – ‘Shadowrun’

Hey music lovers, let me introduce you to Marvin Inu, a trap and chill-step artist from Düsseldorf, Germany who just released his new track, ‘Shadowrun’.

I wanted to share this song with you because I really enjoyed what Marvin has done. It’s a song with captivating beats and a buildup that I love!

Check it out.

Marvin said he got the idea for the song while driving through pouring rain on a freeway at night.

“That feeling of loneliness and isolation while being connected to the sounds of your surroundings is something I wanted to translate into a song. There is nothing that excites me more than music. I believe music is the key to escape reality for a while and music is a direct pathway to communicate in emotions rather than words. It is beautiful what you can convey through sound and share a feeling with anybody else anywhere.”

So true.


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