I can be sure that after you listen to this track for just a few seconds, you’ll be adding this to your playlist.

I love Maddius’ style, it is quite refreshing as he spits over a future bass beat and I must say the production on this is on point. Stream it below

I just have one question. Where is the download button?

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Maddius is the Miami born and raised writer/MC. Developing his musical talent since he was a small child, Maddius slowly evolved from the heavy metal/indie-alternative rock scene, and developed into a full fledged hip hop artist. By no means does Maddius claim he is from the mean streets of Miami, but his crew had to claw their way into the music scene, developing their craft one studio hour at a time. Having constantly collaborated and written for other artist, Maddius is now becoming a stand-alone sensation ready to give his fans what they want. Maddius looks forward to sharing his sound and music with the world, conquering the hip-hop charts one song at a time.


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