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Louisa Laos x inHarmony – ‘seventeen minutes’

Louisa Laos is singing my life with her new track, ‘seventeen minutes’. It’s a personal one for the German artist as she sings about being in a long-distance relationship and those 17 minutes before saying goodbye again, since the train is about to leave.

I’m a sucker for vocals, and Louisa’s is giving me EVERYTHING on this divine piece of R&B music.

Speaking about the track, she said:

It talks about all of the thoughts that go though my head before I head back home: that I’d love to stay in bed longer, I’d love to live together and avoid saying goodbye everytime, but also the the hope that my partner and I can get through anything, since we’ve done this for a long time and we’ve gone through a lot in the past.

Enjoy it below and say a prayer for us in long-distance relationships because it is not easy.

This is going to be on repeat for a long time.

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