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Loote Share ‘All The F*cking Time’, Look Out For New EP

Today, Pop duo Loote has shared their latest single, “All The Fcking Time.” A vibrant ballad on how everyone is needy sometimes. Yesterday, the single was premiered with The 405. With the release of “All The Fcking Time” Loote also announces their third EP is set to be released in 2020, after the success of EPs single. and lost.

Emma Lov explains the story behind the single, “I was in a session with some friends, and I was going through my notes in my phone because HELLOOOO INSPIRATION. Anyway, I’m sitting there scrolling through my lil Rolodex of ideas when I see this one short one. It straight up just said ‘I just want you to want me all the fucking time.’

And I remembered writing it down a while back because I got into a heated discussion with my boyfriend over something silly, and I knew I couldn’t say that to him. Because it’s really extra, even for me. So I just left it there instead and forgot about it. and honestly? It’s my biggest downfall.

I’m needy sometimes. A lot of the time. I care what people think. Especially the people I love. I want to feel wanted. I cherish those moments when I feel like everything is perfect, and I’m loved and admired and someone wants me so much they can’t stand it. It’s almost embarrassing, but I can’t help it. If you love me, show me. Ya know? Made a fuckin dope song though.”

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