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Lily Elise – ‘Palm Trees’

This is perfect! Lily Elise continues to impress me with her music. ‘Palm Trees’ is a beautiful R&B track that will stay in your head for days and for all the good reasons.

Speaking about the track, Lily says, “Most people move to LA for the same reason, to chase dreams. I think people come out here with good intentions, to give their art to the world…and then somewhere along the line you realize you gotta further your name in order to further your art, and so you start doing that…and then you kinda get lost in that hustle and forget about furthering your art. You start kissing asses and doing what people tell you you needa do to get ahead…but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you like yourself. So ‘Palm Trees’ is kinda about saying ‘just do you’ and ‘fuck it’ to the game.”


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