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Least Of Creatures – ‘Candlelight’

I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with love quotes, memes and photos of roses, chocolates and all other cliche things. You won’t find that here. What you would find is lovely music you can enjoy today and every day.

Let me introduce you to Least of Creatures, also known as Andrew Aker. His new song, ‘Candlelight’ is simply beautiful. With his vocals over the cinematic soundscapes, you won’t want the song to end.

Hear it below

“I’m not sure if it’s distinctive but it’s honest and for the most part exactly how I intended it to be. The track is soft and emotional with a touch of illegibility. I’d like an explanation point of interest to pop above listeners heads and intrigue in my future projects.” – Least of Creatures

Click here for the free download.


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