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Latir, Luvian // Wallflower

Starting my day with a song with this level of cool, chill and smoothness has put me in such a good mood and it has pushed away all the anxiety I felt when I woke up this morning. Right now, I’m just wavy.

‘Wallflower’ is Latir’s new track. It blends his love for classic melodies and lyrical simplicity inspired by a throwback to jazz’s earlier years, with Luvian’s typically synth-led, fun-loving rhythms. 

Speaking about the track, Latir said:

This was actually the first creation Alex (Luvian) and I ever got started on, we made the verses on my birthday a while back but couldn’t get the chorus quite right that day, a year later we revisited it and the chorus came like a spark out of no where, and I think we have both have been in love with the tune ever since! For me it represents all the things I love with music, classic melodies, a fun story line, a serious bounce and a concept that has been close to the heart since I could remember! This one is a staple piece for me for sure.”


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