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Kathleen – ‘The Longest Year’

Kathleen has come into my music loving life and blown me away. She has such a powerful voice and she delivers an equally powerful song with ‘The Longest Year’.

She tells a very interesting story, that by the first few lines, you will understand what she means when she sings, “it’s been the longest year of our life.”

the great barrier reef
was recently pronounced dead
its last holy words were not
“make america great again”

Get it? Good.

Hear it below

In an interview with Overblown, Kathleen talks about what inspired the song.

“I’d come up with a little chord progression on my keyboard and was trying to find the right melody to go over it. I got sidetracked and went on instagram or facebook and I think I saw two articles back to back. One on the MAGA campaign in its early stages, then, right below it, an article on how the great barrier reef had been pronounced dead. It was a very poetic arrangement, written by an algorithm. A lot of my songs actually come from stuff popping up on my phone and spurring a bunch of thoughts.

The rest of the song took me over a year to write. I wasn’t trying to write a song about how bad trump was (and everything chaotic in the world) – that wasn’t the point. I was trying to articulate the feeling of it all, but the feeling itself took so long to come into focus.

Months later, I went to lunch with a friend, when I’d asked how things had been going he just looked down, shook his head and sighed, “it’s just been such a long year.” It really captured everything for me.”




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