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Joseph of Mercury – ‘Pretenders’

Joseph of Mercury has a sound that I haven’t listened to in a long time. It’s this dreamy/80s UK pop.

As soon I clicked play, I started immediately thinking of one of my favourite groups, GIRL FRIEND, who has since broken up, unfortunately. But it feels good to have this type of music in my ear once more.

Joseph of Mercury hails from the Toronto music scene. And he is now introducing himself to UK audiences with his new single, ‘Pretenders’.

Speaking about the song, he said:

“You’re being told that the feelings are real, it just can’t be open right now,” he recalls. “How much longer can that go on while you still convince yourself that it’s true? My songs often have a lot of yearning in them, but I aspire for them to also have a touch of hope. Things seem so impossible, but you feel like it’s a distance that can be closed.”

Hear it below


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