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JORDY’s ‘Boys Boys Boys’ Out Now! The Queer Anti-Anthem to Love, An Ode To F***boys.

JORDY has shared his epic new single ‘Boys Boys Boys’. A perfect ode to fuckboys, the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Boys, he tells us, can’t live with them, wouldn’t want to live without them.

Boys will be boys.” JORDY explains, “No matter where they live, what they do, who they like: boys will be boys.  As a gay man I’ve struggled at times with the entitlement of other men – whether it’s at a bar or a club or a party or even professional settings, I’ve experienced moments of vulnerability and discomfort that I wanted to write about. I fully acknowledge that I am a man singing about men in a pretty general sense; but I think I wrote the song that way to own the fact that being a man, especially a white man, comes with an immense amount of privilege. But I’ve experienced these moments in the queer community and I think we can do better. Respect people’s space. Respect people.

Heart on his sleeve and immediately relatable, this outspoken and out LGBTQ heartthrob has, in just a few short years, already built himself a small indie empire. He’s accumulated 50 million + streams across platforms, released 2 EP’s, sold out his first headline tour, and found incredible support from the likes of AppleTidal and Spotify (375k+ monthly listeners!). 

JORDY may have been born in the suburbs of Chicago, but he definitely came up in Los Angeles. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Lauv and Troye Sivan, JORDY is all catchy melodies, indie pop aesthetic, and fiery beats that scream pure pop joy.  Exploring themes of rejection and loneliness through the lens of hope and empowerment, his unique lyrical style has won the hearts of fans internationally but it has also caught the attention of other artists and has made him an in demand songwriter who has most recently worked with VINCINT (“Miss You“). 

His last EP “Psycho” garnered a fair share of media attention with Billboard praising his “conversational, sing-song style, bright, undeniably joyful pop beats” and Time Magazine calling it one of their “Top 5 things To Listen To” alongside Sam SmithBillie Eilish and Monsta X. Pretty incredible company. And this is just the beginning…

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