I’ve had my eyes and ears on JON VINYL since 2017 and it’s been great listening to his music over the years. On his latest release, JON shares an acoustic version of his track ‘Addicted’.

While creating the setlist for his most recent performance at the Montreal En Lumiere Festival (February 26 with Shay Lia), Jon was trying to figure out how to incorporate a special acoustic moment for the crowd.

Given the positive response to his single, “Addicted” the team decided to strip the track down to acoustic guitar, bass and add a third verse.

“It ended up connecting really well with my fans in attendance and it naturally became one of the highlights of my set. Immediately after, we knew we had to release it.”

Hear it below

The simplicity is spectacular and JON’s vocals really lure you in. I love it!


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